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About Dewsbury Road! :)

Heyla!! I can only hope this page grows and grows to express the tip of the adoration I have for the Beatles. I am going into my senior year of music school at Buffalo State College

The Beatles music has ingrained itself into the very soul of so many people around the entire globe. When the equiptment breaks down at a gig, the band plays Beatles songs. It's like Paul said on Flaming Pie, "We always come back to the songs we were singing, at any particular time". I have to say that besides family influence, my love of music in general has come from these four that I love so dearly! Thank God for the Beatles! :)

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to email me. I love hearing from Beatle fans, especially Macca Maniacs. Also, if anyone knows of any articles referring to music education and The Beatles please let me know! That's all for now!

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Get Back!