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Roddy The Super Pig's Story!!!

This is Roddy The Super Pig. In June of 1997, I saved him from being eaten by a snake at a local petshop. He was the runt of the litter and no one wanted him! I fell in love at first sight and soon took him home. (I named him Roddy after actor Roddy MacDowell. Something about the eyes... ) My favorite thing that he did was stand on top of his food dish like a circus elephant whenever he turned it upside down. He was used to flipping over his "house", a cardboard box inside his tank, but recently he's moved into a new condo made of pine that is holding up pretty nicely.

Guinea pigs are very gentle animals and Roddy enjoys all the attention he gets at home. Often I will wrap him up in a towel and he will sit and watch television on my lap. Mork and Mindy is his favorite show. Having Roddy is a lot like having a dog, believe it or not. He knows when my family is leaving and squeals for attention. His ears will flap if he's really upset!

These are from his many glamour photo shoots. :)

Roddy loves carrots!!!! He can hardly wait for them when I go to the refrigerator. Once he hears the plastic bag crinkling, he goes crazy and stands up on his hind legs and squeals like mad!


He loves to snuggle!

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