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Dearest Participants,

So, you want me to explain this thing... Sorry, it can't be done. Basically, if Jess were here, I know she’d have some great word from her book of “Popular Mental Illnesses” to attribute it to, but I truely believe this manifistation is cultivated by one thing, more powerful than any force on a college student: (those being, beer and free food) PROCRASTINATION . Sitting in the computer lab...having a paper to write..nahhh.... Timothy has to have a life after all..he can’t sit around studying all day. It basically started out as a joke over the e-mail. None of us expected it to become this crazy. It grew and grew and grew.

Some of the faithful participants remember this page being massive. Someday when I finish the book finally I'll put the site back together then. :)

PS Uh..This story and it’s characters are purely fictional and any resemblance to any real live people and things is purely coincidential. Yah, right.

NOTE: The Timothy Story is a story about a half faery. It's for fun, and not meant in anyway to hurt anyone in anyway, shape or form. Peace.

SUBMIT WITH FERVOR!!! (and tell a friend!)