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Greetings Participants! Back by popular demand, that demented bunch of kooky college students is back. Tim is a little ticked that his holiday in Bermuda was canceled, but I think he'll get over it. I have to tell you, if you never tried writing an actual book, it's very hard. I have had about a zillion different "first chapters" started, and a billion lame plot ideas to sort of contain, for lack of a better word, these characters. It's mad. It's insane. Tim started as a joke, and writing a book is no joke! It's frustration to no end!

I decided to take down the first two chapters I had up here because they have undergone so many changes in the last weeks. Below are some links for sample scenes from the story! Please sign my guestbook! Have fun. Behold!!!

Scenes from the new adventure

Jean visiting Jess at her dorm room

Jean and Jess find Tim's mysterious bungalow

Mike shows up for coffee


The(almost) Comprehensive Guide to The Timothy Story

WHO NEEDS SALT?? Where's the fairy dust?

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I know you'd all like Tim to answer all your e-mail, but he just hasn't enough pens!

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