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Some Very Silly Fairy Stories :)

fairy with wand

Greetings, fairy lovers! I have a little collection of fairy books I find at garage sales and antique shops and this particular one is so weird, I'd like to share it with you all. There are silly stories, perfect for little children.

I came across this first book about two years ago in an antique shop in Glens Falls N.Y. and it was in terrible disrepair. I paid four dollars for it anyway, and got it cleaned up. It is from London, and I'm guessing it is a collection of bedtime stories that were published for children in the newspaper on a daily basis. (Daily News, Ltd., Bouverie ST., London, E.C.4...wherever that is or was in London.)The book is titled, "Bed Time Stories" by Star Radio. There is no date inside it, but judging from the artwork on the front, I'm guessing it was published somewhere around 1915-1925. It once belonged to a Gracie Hanneford. :)

Here are a few very silly selections from this book!:

The Fairy Who Sneezed
This is the tale of of a little fairy named Pinktoes by E.L. Roberts. All I have to say is, "Bless you!".

The Letter Boxers
This is my favorite. It's a very silly story by William Teebo of the little goblins that run away with the mail and deliver it to the proper houses...this is what really happens to the mail!

Dandelion Clocks
Blowing away all that dandelion fuzz, making wishes in wind causes a lot of fuss in Fairyland! Story by Jean Morton.

More Fairies!