I'm obsessed! I have loved Michael J. Fox my whole life...watching him on Family Ties, and who can forget Teen Wolf??The Back to the Future trilogies are among my favorite movies of all time, and I never tire of watching them, no matter how many times I have seen any of them. I saw parts II and III in the movie theater, and was completely overwhelmed! One of the greatest things for me was during my senior class trip to Universal Studios and Disney World, I was able to see the DeLorian and ride the Back To The Future ride!! My best friend and I rode on it four times in a row, which I wouldn't necessarily recommend because it's a lot like head-banging...It was AWESOME!

Here's me in front of the DeLorian, and my Marty McFly postcard found at the Back to the Future Store! (Yes, can you believe it?)

I have no idea why so many people think the second movie is so confusing. Anyway, here are the following images are taken from my collection of BTTF bubble gum cards, purchased at Kay Bee toy's when the movie came out! They are all from BTTF II!

This is what the cards look like on the back!

What a far-out future! Double-level gas stations, robotics shops, air traffic control systems...!
"The answer is NO!" Posing as complete wimp Marty Jr., Marty tells Griff that he'll have no part in Griff's criminal plans. Marty is able to distract the enraged Griff long enough to run out of the Cafe '80's...
Using her thumbpring as identification, the Hill Valley police, believing Jennifer to be the Jennifer McFly, return her to the McFly home. (That was some face lift!)
The McFly's teenage daughter Marlene (look familiar?!) arrives at the front door and finds that her grandparents, George and Lorraine, have stopped by for dinner...
"You can't risk running into your furture self," the Doc warns Marty. "If that were to happen, the encounter could cause a time paradox, the results of which could cause a chain reaction that would unravel the very fabiric of the space-time continuum and destroy the entire Universe!"
In the center of Hill VAlley town square, Marty is stunned to find that the courtnhouse is now a huge casino hotel..owned by none other than Biff Tannen!
With Biff gone, Marty tries to make sense of all that's happened. When he asks his mother why she left George McFly, and where he is, she tells him, "Where he's been for the last twelve years-Oak Park Cemetery."
Anguished Marty McFly visits the grave of his dad, George, who's been dead twelve years.
Marty, at the school the night of the dance, witnesses a familiar scene: the fight where Biff is attacking Marty's mother, with his father coming to the rescue
Biff's goony gang members are confused by the appearance of Marty McFly in different places at the same time!
Before he is able to get away from Biff, Marty is knocked out by his other self rushing out of the school in order to meet Doc Brown. Biff gets the almanac back.
With a sigh of relief, Marty watches the newspaper headline about Doc Brown being committed change into a similiar headline, which has the Doc being "commended". All is well...or is it??
As a major s torm approaches, a bolt of lightening strikes the DeLorean, causing it to disappear. Then, out of the darkness, a strange man appears looking for Marty. He turns out to be a Western Union man with a mysterious letter addressed to Marty McFly..
Next stop, 1885, Part III of the trilogy!!

Sometime during college, I have to write a paper on the connections between BTTF and It's a Wonderful Life, also one of my favorite movies of all time. There's something there. It would be a great thesis. I'm not exactly sure what it is theme-wise..but both take a look at what could have been and what could be.
Clarence and George drying off

There's even the scene where Marty finds his father's grave etc. Which is similiar to the scene where George Bailey his brother had fallen through the ice and died because he wasn't there to save him...or even in the third movie when they find Emmet's grave! Another similiar element is the way in which the towns undergo tremendous changes concerning the protagonist's life. Maybe it's a stretch, but when I do write the paper, I'm posting it up here! E-mail me if you have any ideas! Thanks for the visit, and please sign my guestbook so I know you were here! :) :)


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